The Line of Freedom


Every law that is enacted takes power and control from the people and delivers it to the government. When a person is voted into office they become a servant of the people, and the people control the government through their votes. Through this process they are supreme. We can no longer doubt about how our president is elected.


 Today, Iím scared about what may happen if the wrong President of the United States of America takes power. On that day, you and I will lose the right to control our government. The two most important phrases of the Gettysburg Address are: "For the people" and "By the people". In the 2000 election, the five judges that ignored this for their own personal gain became traitors to history, Constitution, and the people of America. Our freedom has and will only be held in place by the vote of the people. Any man that swears in a President of the United States without every citizen's voice and vote being heard will be a traitor to the people of America and at that time we will become a nation controlled by the government.


There is a fine line between a Communist nation and a free nation: that line is called Freedom. Freedom for all the people, and by all the people. Oh so, so simple! There is no law in America that gives the government or any group of people the right to take the votes of the people and lock them up. There is no law in this Great Country that will allow a person or group to appoint themselves to any office, much less the Presidency.


There is a fine line between what the Nazi's did (the murdering of  people) and the orders that I and every soldier obeyed: that line is called Freedom. There is a fine line between what Hitler ordered and what any President has done who ordered the killing of a human being: that fine line is called Freedom. So simple, but oh, so powerful. That fine line was there for George Washington and his men and it is still there for every man and woman fighting for freedom today.

We are looked upon by every nation in the world because we have a right to control our government by our vote. We can have another election and vote in another President, but we can never vote our freedom back. Our freedom was bought by the lives and sacrifice of our people and people from every nation in the world.


 Our History calls us to hold the line of Freedom. Our Constitution urges us to hold the line of Freedom. Right now, our laws will allow us to hold the line of Freedom. Our future demands that we hold the line of Freedom! It is time that we stand up and make our government accountable to us. We cannot change the past elections, but we can hold the line of Freedom strong, and make sure that it never happens again!


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