...With Freedom & Injustice For All?


The founders of this great country envisioned a justice system where the common man could approach those who represent the laws of the land and voice their grievances. It was the purpose of that vision to have those grievances both heard and acted upon.

That vision has died.


Instead, those who supposedly represent the law, manipulate it to their own advantage. The common man is no longer welcomed in the courthouses of this fair land. The laws are confusing. The fees that these courts impose are outrageous. No more can the average Citizen come before the judge's bench and voice anything without first having an attorney. Is it not strange that these very judges were at one time attorneys themselves? These judges now require you and I to employ those who were once their colleagues. This is not done in secret, but is performed daily in the courts throughout or country.

Bob has filed in every possible court there is to fight for a fair & accountable voting system. These links will take you through the official court records of the fight:


U.S. Supreme Court


Florida Supreme Court


The 9th Judicial Circuit


Governor Jeb Bush Answers


Charlie Crist Answers


The Commissioner of Education


Federal Elections Commission




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