What Is "Bob's Way Ballot"?

"BobsWay" was birthed out of the need for a fair and accountable voting system. In Bob's political career he has seen first-hand  the results from our corrupt and vulnerable voting system. Whether it be on a local, state, or national level, the voting system that Bob Adkins has invented is absolutely beyond corruption!

"Bob's Way Ballot" is a voting system that is virtually impossible to tamper with. Unlike our voting system today, Bob's Way Ballot" will ensure that those who are running for office are held accountable to the powerful votes of American Citizens. It is important to spread the word about this new voting system and make the politicians know that the votes of the American People are the most powerful weapon. With our votes we shape the world and write history. Years from now, America will stand out in the annuls of time as a beacon of freedom, or as a pitiful group of citizens lorded over by an elite few. So, help Bob in his fight for a fair and accountable vote!

This is "BobsWay Ballot"


As you go to vote in your precinct, you will enter the voting area and complete the identification process. You will also sign the voting register to ensure that you only vote one time. This process will run very smoothly, as you will already be registered in your county and precinct.

Having done that, you will receive your paper ballot. Your name will be printed on it at the top/bottom. The paper ballot will have a perforation, so that your name can be removed and placed into the voter registration box (D).

At the end of the voting day, a list of all persons that voted will be available for your control. Absentee ballots will be handled in the same way, with the names appearing in the voter list for control.

A typical setup will look something like this.

(A) will be the main entrance to the voting Area. (B&C) are the tally screens, (D) is the voter registration drop-off, and (1 - 10) are the Voter Booths.

Bob's Ballot Diagram

Looking at the diagram, you can see several voting booths,(1-10).These are small booths ,that ensure your privacy.

You will enter the booth with your paper ballot. Inside you can make your choices. You will notice that the paper ballot has two pages that are alike. You will see on your paper ballot one page marked "STATE" and one marked "COUNTY". Mark your paper ballot with your pen. Go back over the two separate paper ballot sheets that you received, and double check them.

Once you have voted and checked your ballot, leave your booth and proceed through the ballot return area (WALKWAY). Here you will hand your ballots through a slot. The sheet marked "COUNTY" will be put into the County slot, and the sheet marked "STATE" will be put into the State slot.

Once the ballots are turned in to be counted, they are then recorded on both the State and County sides as a matter of checks and balances. This insures that the results are counted fairly.

There will be independent counters in both areas counting your vote, and there will be two screens outside the polling area. One screen will show a real-time account from the State section, and the other screen will show a real-time account from the County section. During the voting day the tallies should run fairly evenly, but with both being equal at the end of the day.  

Why a new voting system?

In the past, we went to the polls and voted. We believed our votes were being counted and in fact did count. We either punched our cards, or put an X next to our choices. We assumed all was well with this technology and our voting system. That all changed with the 2000 Presidential Elections.

We had all kinds of issues come up in several States, with Florida having the worst confusion out of them all. That is where they locked up our vote. Now, we must try to get it back! This new system provides some fail-safes and would stop the problems with your vote and my vote going uncounted or counted wrongly.

Take Back Your Right To Vote!

Please join me in this endeavor to take back the ballot box and our vote by signing up to help me spread the word about this ballot.

Support the Bob Adkins Presidential Campaign to bring the power of America back into the hands of the Citizens!


To find out what you an do, call (407) 891-1614.

You can make donations at any Bank of America for Bob Adkins For President, or you can send your donations directly to:

Bob Adkins

P.O. Box 700358

Saint Cloud, Florida


And you can always come by the Campaign Headquarters at:

1310 Maryland Avenue

Saint Cloud, Florida


It is time for all Americans to join forces and tell the Government to stop tampering with our vote. Make America and our freedom to vote count. Its time once again for us to raise our heads and be proud when we go to the polls, knowing our vote will be counted. Lets get out and vote, and to be sure it counts, let's use:


Bob's Ballot!

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