Don't Let It Happen Again!



There is no doubt that the United States of America is a great country. However, throughout all of history, the mightiest countries have been brought down because of greed, ego, and corruption. We need not look too far in history to see huge countries that have split into small countries, and mighty powers brought to their knees. In America we may look at these countries and think that those downfalls are something that happens overseas, but would it shock you to know that we are on the same road as these countries once were?


Consider this: Communist countries would have "open elections" where the Citizens would vote so that the rest of the world would be appeased.  Behind closed doors, leaders would chosen because of their wealth, power, influence, and/or readiness to please their party. This is not much different than the Presidential Election of 2000.

In 2000, you voted for who you wanted see in the office of President. However, your vote did not count. Let me repeat that: YOUR VOTE DID NOT COUNT! After all the votes were cast, the Electoral College cast their own votes, and then Congress chose who would be your President. This is nothing better than what the Communist Party did for decades, and according to our Constitution, that equals treason! (See Bob's Supreme Court Suit

As though politics is not enough, consider the "War on Terrorism". Prior to the end of World War II, Douglas MacArthur warned Congress that the Allies should not limit the Allied troops by setting a stopping point for their march against the Axis. Gen. MacArthur was censored and forced into retirement because of his "insubordinate remarks". Had Congress followed his advice, American lives would not have been lost on the soil of Korea, Laos, and Vietnam. When Communism and business intrests were threatened, Congress sent American troops over to supposedly "help" nations that asked us to come. We were "coming to the aid" of countries that were asking for us to intervene. The politicians had answers, just as they do now. Both the Korean War and Vietnam War were labeled "conflicts". The Korean War never ended, and became the first war that the USA couldn't win. The Vietnam War cost more than lives, it cost the dignity of millions of Americans as they came home to an ungrateful nation. In the eyes of history, we now see that Citizens took their anger out on American troops when they should have been angry at the Congress that sent them there.

In President Bush's "War on Terror", we have fallen for the same song and dance. All the politicians on Capitol Hill took advantage of the emotional shock from 9/11. There is no doubt that it was a tragedy, an evil act of terrorism. First we were told it was the Taliban. Then we were told it was Bin Laden. We searched mountains and valleys looking for hiding terrorists, and all the while news outlets were broadcasting new videos of the very people we were looking for. If they were so hard to find, how did the news media find them?


When the terror fever began to die down, President Bush and others decided to stir everything up again by throwing Iraq into the mix. "Weapons of Mass Destruction" became a witch hunt, and it eventually became a weapon for mass distraction. We invaded Iraq, and it is not called "The Iraqi War". The politicians are too smart for that. Just like before, they decided to give it a different name: The War on Terror.

In his speech, President Bush named an "Axis of Evil", yet we invaded only one: Iraq. Why? Because the Vice President, the President and his family all had a personal business interest there. America has an interest there too, and it's called oil. We need it, they have, let's get it. For  years, we have repeated the mistakes of our own history. If President Bush and hiss predecessors were so interested in "Democracy", why don't they consider that WE aren't even a Democracy, and neither are any of our Allies! That's right: the United States of America is NOT a Democracy!!!!The USA is a Republic, and every Republic throughout history has fallen into the hands of greed and corruption, and it is this that caused the final death of those countries.

In a Democracy, all the leaders are elected by the vote of the Citizens, our votes don't really count. In a Democracy, changes to our Constitution would have been sent to the Citizens for ratification, but when was the last time YOU voted on something new in our Constitution? Would it surprise you that there have been over 200 changes to the Constitution of the United States of America in the past 20 years? Out of those changes, only 9 were ratified by the States. Or have you ever wondered why our biggest Ally, the United Kingdom, is a Monarchy with a Parliament and not a Democracy or a Republic? They don't even have freedom of the press in their television, but you don't hear about us going to spread "Democracy" over there, do you.

America is a fabulous country, but we can never think that we are beyond reason. If you put corrupt leaders in office, you will have a corrupt country. Your vote is your power to keep America great. If you allow them to take that power, then we will see history repeat itself again. It will be then that history will look at the USA as a mighty nation that  is no more.


Don't let it happen again!



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